Abigail Manning – Celebrating Your Successes

I love it when I get to interview my friends, and I am sure that today’s topic will inspire you. In this episode, I have a conversation with Abigail Manning about celebrating your success and how that can inspire others.

Often we set a goal and work hard until we achieve it. Then without a moment of acknowledgement or celebration we immediately raise the bar for a bigger goal.

We think celebrating might sound like bragging so we downplay our achievement.

But does playing small motivate or help anyone else to think BIG?

Does it send a message to others that it’s not okay to honor their accomplishments and acknowledge their victory over the challenges?

Often others are looking to you for inspiration, encouragement and hope. Does minimizing your example of commitment, sacrifices, effort and bravery make them and you feel fulfilled, give you true happiness and provide ample fuel for future lofty goals?

When you celebrate your success,
you inspire others to keep working so they can soon celebrate theirs.

It’s another way to create Unity & Optimism
as sharing in each others success says:

You are not alone – I support you
You can do this – I believe in you
You will make it – I want to celebrate you

Abigail combines her double major in Communications (Cognitive, Social and Behavioral Studies) from Indiana University with six years of extensive abuse research, investigation of over 20 therapy modalities, certification in REAL Essentials Advanced, training in both ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) and Trauma Informed Approach.

Having experienced abuse, she authentically delivers researched-based and unique content to inspire and empower others with curriculum that is easy to understand and implement.

She role-models how to build TRUST in self and with others through: Truth. Respect. Unity. Safety. Transparency.

Connect with her by visit: https://abigailgmanning.com/

and Create Awareness – Change Lives: https://ca-cl.com/

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