Adam Hommey

I recently sat down with Adam Hommey, an expert on podcasting and helping people get started with their own podcasts. Adam said, “watching and hosting your podcast becomes your key networking client attraction and celebrity expert branding tool.”

Hommey continued, “How often do we attempt to reach out to people by sending them emails or putting something in our direct messages and it’s going to look like a sales pitch. Now, imagine you replace all that when you contact somebody cold by saying,  ‘hey, I have this podcast. It’s about X and I’d like to have you on as a guest.’ Your yes rate goes way up just off of that,  because folks who otherwise would look at you asking if you just wanted to pick their brain.”

Adam believes that having your own podcast provides you with all sorts of opportunities you might not otherwise have, and it helps to establish you as a celebrity expert on your topic. I concur. You can watch or listen to our entire conversation here:

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