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After graduating from college, she barely used her Bachelor’s degree in history and tried out multiple occupations, none of which truly fit her. Anastasia felt the pain of working one undesirable job after another, and the disappointment of what the world has to offer when lifestyle is compromised because there is no “career.”

Deciding to take her life into her own hands, Anastasia began working at showing others how they can have what they want in life and a career that they won’t want to retire from. She found her true passions not by doing the traditional “find a job that pays,” but a new way — the Millennial way. Through her speaking, coaching, and writing, she now helps others find their passion and build their dreams, lifestyle and income.

Today, Anastasia is the author of the upcoming published book, #NewJobNewLife: The Millennial’s Take-Charge Plan For Success, which helps Millennials gain freedom, independence, direction, better income, and more excitement from their lives and careers.

Anastasia also speaks, consults and teaches employers, businesses, clubs, associations and groups how they can benefit being leaders to the powerful and dynamic Millennial generation – one that will take up 76% of the workplace in 2025!

If you plan to be in business in the next 10 years you will want to pay attention to Anastasia on how you can be seen as a leader in your industry or group so that Millennials will be attracted to and work with you – rather than against you.


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