Anthony Prichard – The Importance of Video

Anthony Prichard is more than just a video expert. He is a passionate advocate for every business using video more effectly to grow their market share. As Anthonysays, “With the ability to reach all people everywhere instantly, video on the internet is quickly becoming a powerful, competitive advantage for all businesses.”

I’ve been wanting to make this podcast a vodcast (video podcast) from the beginning, but as we discuss in this episode, many people are still afraid to be seen on camera. Never-the-less, this is the first episode I’ve recorded as a video. Yes, you can still listen on iTunes or IHeartRadio, but you can also watch it on YouTube!

Here’s why the information in this episode is so important…Only 9% of US businesses today use YouTube as an online tool. If you feel like the online world of social media has left you in the dust, jump to the front of the line today with video & internet. The two most powerful business tools in the world.

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