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influencer-prThe Influencer Effect

The Influencer Effect: Insider Tips for Gearing Up Your Online Success by Greg Jameson provides business owners with the formula they need to become successful online. Using real-life stories, this book shows what can happen when someone else endorses and promotes your products and services. Jameson calls this “The Influencer Effect”.

How can the average business owner, who doesn’t have the budget for a celebrity endorsement, create massive success for their company? There is a replicable process called GEARS, that Jameson describes in his book. As it turns out, celebrities are not always the best type of influencer. Lesser-known experts can often have a bigger impact on their following, much like a referral from a close friend or family member. These people are known as micro-influencers and your business will improve by working with them.

Whether you are a company or a leader looking to have others generate content and share it with your followers, or you are an expert who is sharing knowledge for something you are passionate about, influencer marketing is here to stay.
The GEARS acronym is used to explain the process in a clear an easy to remember system that anyone can apply. The parts of this gear system are as follows:

The center gear is called a “sun” gear. Everything revolves around the sun gear, which includes strategy and execution. The three gears that circle the sun gear are the “planet gears”. These gears, “G, E, and A” comprise the primary methods used to develop a following, and how to market your online business. They stand for “Generate interest”, “Empower influencers”, and “Amplify your message”. The outer gear is called a “ring gear”. This gear encircles all the other gears. This is discussed in the section on “Results”, which is divided into three chapters: Revenues, Review & Repeat, and Research.

Influence is simply about getting others to take a desired action. Jameson encourages the reader to not be selective with the methods he describes by following the GEARS system, but to use them all. When you do, the results can be massive.

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Amazon’s Dirty Little Secrets

combo_pack_tnIt’s no accident that Amazon has remained the top eCommerce company for almost 20 years. The executives know the perfect marketing strategy, and now Greg Jameson wants to share Amazon’s tricks with his readers. By following his carefully explained approach, business owners will discover an increase in their sales.

Building a business and a fan base from scratch is not an easy task, but with Jameson’s tips, business owners will realize they do not have to do it all by themselves. Jameson’s readers may not become the next Amazon, but they will certainly have a better method for reaching customers.

While Amazon’s Dirty Little Secrets is geared toward small business owners, it is a great resource for anyone in the marketing world. From using social media and sending emails, to gathering reviews and building websites, Jameson covers all of the tools needed to become a successful marketer. Readers from all backgrounds will find Jameson’s techniques useful and necessary.


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