Carnellia Ajason: Emerging Technologies and Product Creation

Carnella Ajasin is president and CEO of Mind Katalyst LLC, an Atlanta-based creative technology and innovation design firm that helps Fortune 500 companies, small businesses and start-ups solve complex business challenges with innovative technology design solutions via creative leadership, design thinking, user-centered design, information architecture, software, wearables, and emerging technology. Carnella’s and her teams expertise is at the convergence of human-centered design and technology, across physical and digital platforms.

Carnellia helps help ambitious clients stay relevant:

  • How to validate their ideas to determine if their product is viable (how to vet your idea before you spend money and time on it )
  • How they can apply emerging technology to their products
  • Why relevance = competitiveness and how they can compete to win

In this episode we discuss why ALL business need to have their own products. If you have ever thought about creating your own product, whether it be as simple as a digital download of an ebook or as complex as your own wearable technology, you will want to listen to this episode.

You can connect with Carnellia at:

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