Greg Jameson has been developing websites and web applications since 1995 – essentially since the beginning of the Internet. As a result, he has gained expertise in a wide array of website design skills, from informational sites to ecommerce. Some of the ways Greg can help you include:

WordPress Design

Over one-third of all websites today are built on the WordPress platform. But most WordPress sites continue to look like they are canned, in part because designers are using fixed themes and very basic plugins. WordPress is powerful when in the hands of a creative designer like Greg Jameson.

Custom Applications

When you have special programming needs, Greg can help your business. Check out the custom applications which he developed for a variety of organizations.

Wholesale (B2B) eCommerce Sites – WebStores Ltd

Most shopping cart software is designed for retail sales, even those that call themselves B2B. But WebStores Ltd has developed an online ordering system designed for resellers to quickly order products from a wholesaler or manufacturer using an order form where multiple products can be added to the cart simultaneously then checkout with established credit terms such as Net 30. Greg actually wrote this program and has built a number of successful websites using this software.


A portfoilo of Greg’s work is available on the WebStores Ltd site.