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Internet marketing is critical to success in today’s market, and also highly challenging- even for tech savvy and business professionals. As technology has improved and changed the way we do business we have many more choices and a lot of information about web commerce. Large companies can devote major resources to their webstores but small and medium businesses are often challenged and short changed. Greg Jameson is here to help these clients provide the strategy and execution of world class eMarketing techniques to increase their market position, bolster revenue, and strengthen their brand names.

Greg Jameson has been at the forefront of digital commerce since the start and brings 30+ years of web development and e-commerce mastery. Greg has a history of bringing the technical, leadership, and communication skills to large organization like Chase Paymentech, Ball Aerospace and Los Alamos Labs. As the president of WebStores Ltd., he is now focusing this expertise on CEO’s of both established and emerging businesses than need a profitable web store presence. As a public speaker he dynamically brings these eMarketing techniques to organizations of all sizes, with tailored approaches for multiple types of industries and organizations.

Greg Jameson often referred to as an Internet pioneer. He has been called “America’s leading expert on marketing like Amazon”. The #1 best-selling author of “The Influencer Effect”, “Amazon’s Dirty Little Secrets”, “What Would Jeff Do?”, “Grow Your Online Sales”, and a host of other books, he is a sought-after consultant and speaker whose goal is to make you successful on the Internet. He has awards for international developer of the year, Colorado Small Business of the Year and listed on the INC 500 of fastest growing companies in America.