Joel Comm: Fun, Future, Finances

My friend and colleague Joel Comm is a NY time Best Selling author, influencer, and futurist. His most recent book, The Fun Factor, is the focus of today’s episode, but we also talk about technology and the future.

Joel is all over the internet, and it is easy to find out his back story including how he created the iFart app (which we don’t even mention in this interview). Instead we talk about things that YOU can do to make your work more fun. We also talk about internet privacy, bitcoin, ecommerce, virtual reality, robots and other fun stuff that you may or may not expect when two friends and visionaries get to chatting.

During the show we discuss Joel’s latest book, which you can get here:

I also show off the “Do Good Stuff” t-shirt, which you can get here:

Oh, and the Amazon drone video we talk about? See it here:

Joel mentions his Bad Crypto Podcast, which can be accessed here:

And finally, stay in touch with Joel at his website:

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