Jon Cook: Serving people well

Jon Cook is the founder of Keynote Content, a messaging and copywriting agency for thought leaders. Jon and his team help speakers, coaches, and consultants craft and share messages to change the world through remarkable content and irresistible copywriting. Jon’s M3 Clarity framework gives thought leaders a clear process to cut through the noise and serve their audiences.

Jon personally wrote over 1.8 million words creating content for thought leaders from 2011-2018. His previous background in copywriting and content strategy includes client work with Ford, Chevrolet, JEEP, Chick-fil-A, Savile Row, iamsecond, and the Gatorade Sports Science Institute, among others.

In this interview, Jon explains the importance of delivering value, not just trying to sell. Experts are fighting harder than ever to be heard. Jon Cook shares his proprietary M3 Clarity for building influence as a thought leader in your marketplace.

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