Judith Briles – Why You Need a Book

As an influencer, you need a book to help establish your credibility and authority. In today’s episode, I talk with Dr. Judith Briles about why this is so important, and how you can get your done professionally and one time. Judith Briles is an author, publisher, consultant and professional speaker focused in the fields of finance and book publishing. She is best known for being the founder of Author U, the co-founder of Mile High Press, and was CW2 Denver’s financial expert in the mid-2000s. Briles has been referred to as the “Book Shepherd” and is an advocate for author’s rights.

A Book Shepherd is simply this: a person who has a depth of experience within the publishing and writing fields; has connections with vendors and associates that will bring your book concept and vision to life, creating the actual book; someone who has marketing moxie and understands book selling, including the alternative and niche markets; and someone who is an enthusiastic coach for your “baby.” A book shepherd should have a clear understanding of how to write a book … and how to publish a book. Judith Briles is The Book Shepherd you need on your side, a true how to get published expert.

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