Kat Simpson: Travel in Ecommerce

This was an enlightning interview for me as Kat Simpson explained the role of travel in ecommerce. I’ve had travel experts on the the show before, but Kat explains how anyone who is running an online business should really be including travel as part of their offerings. she not only explain why you should but gives us tips on how to get started.

eCommerce pioneer Kathy “Kat” Simpson has more than 19 years experience in online merchandising, in addition to her expertise as a frequent speaker, author, broadcaster, educator and Social Media consultant. She co-wrote (with Michael Rice) the “Introduction to Sales Tax for Amazon Sellers” and “Savings by Store” (with Danni Ackerman).

Kat has a robust presence across social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, as well as Instagram. She has recently opened her own Online Travel Agency (http://KatsTravelKonnection.com) and is happily traveling the globe and helping others do the same.

Yes, travel is often left out of the ecommerce numbers we see quoted on the internet, as the powers to be don’t consider it a retail sale. but as a business owner, it is time to start taking advantage of all that being your own travel agent has to offer.

To join her Travel Team, check out : LearnAboutTravel.info

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