Marty Dickinson: Scaling Back While Propelling Forward

Marty Dickinson started his first membership website in 1996 called before the term “membership website” was even a term. Six months later, he was offered a promotion at his corporate sales job and he resigned on the same day, because he was making more money with his website and wanted to pursue internet marketing full-time.

Some of his participants in MusicMates were also business owners. As they watched the website rapidly expand, people started asking Marty to help with their Internet marketing strategies. But they would always say, “We’d like to hire you but how do we know you’ll be around in six months?” So, he founded an internet marketing agency called Here Next Year.

For the next 20 years, and a team of up to 14 helpers, Marty worked with more than 300 professional speakers, authors, and traditional business owners to improve their leads, sales, and presence on the web. Along the way, he launched more than 100 of his own websites, co-authored two editions of Web Marketing All-in-One for Dummies (Wiley), self-published instructional manuals for SEO, sales copywriting and affiliate marketing, presented at National Speakers Association National Convention, partnered with Constant Contact for live workshops to their audiences, and even trained other web service providers how to build their services businesses.

Two years ago, Marty retired himself from managing internet marketing projects and began his own income replacement program, which he will be introducing to us today.

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