Mike Searls – Selling on Amazon

Mike Searls has been in the toy business for over 20 years. He is a fellow Inc. 500 award-winning entrepreneur who has grown his business by selling on multiple channels, including Amazon. He does over $35 million annually in sales, so he has a lot of practical advice if you are looking to grow your online sales. In this open and transparent interview, Mike shares with us exactly how he does it. this is one of those episodes you don’t want to miss. Besides his toy business, Mike also runs a coaching business called Success Training Systems, where he teaches you how to do what he does.

Mike’s Toy business is called Thin Air Brands, because as he says, the best ideas come out of thin air. His goal is to see kids get up and moving, so his first brand of toys is “Nature Bound,”  because he wants to see kids explore and enjoy the great outdoors. Mike dispells many of the myths surround Amazon, ecommerce, and the demise of brick and mortar sales.

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