Rich Hopkins – Public Speaking to Build Influence

I met Rich Hopkins through Toastmasters, where he has made it the finals of the world championship of public speaking.Rich didn’t win that title (yet), but he came up with a philosophy of “WinAnyway.”
Rich speaks to inspire and empower his audiences to WinAnyway teaching them how to review their circumstances, celebrate their victories, recalibrate their future, and take action toward their success, using humor and inspiration through his own experiences as a Sales & Marketing Expert, Presentations Coach, and a father of six.In 2006, Rich became elective amputee, ultimately discovering there’s nothing like that New Foot Smell! – and no matter what obstacles we face in life, we can find a way, to Win Anyway.Rich has spent over 20 years in front of audiences of every size, from one-on-one to groups of 500+, sharing motivational stories, leading sales presentations, and coaching award-winning speakers. No matter your audience age or background, including private companies, entrepreneurs, or students, learning to Win Anyway will be crucial to their success – and yours.

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