Rod Clark – What to do when your industry doesn’t allow influencer marketing

Rod Clark in an investment advisor representative at Transamerica Financial Group. He is the co-founder, Chief Sales Officer and Lead Machine Guru at The LeadMachine Guru (www.LeadMachine.GURU). Rod is a marketing and sales professional who has worked at several of the nation’s largest financial services organizations over his career. He has over 30 years of experience in sales, marketing, marketing research and geographic information sales systems.

In this episode, I discuss with Rod how some indsutries, such as financial planning, are highly regulated and you have to be very careful about using any type of influencer marketing. We discuss alternatives such as email and videos. But this doesn’t mean that financial advisors can’t user influencer marketing. Financial advisors are often worried that engaging an influencer will violate compliance rules. While you do need to be careful when working with a thought leader or expert, it should not stop you from trying influencer marketing. The key is to create content with the person rather than just have them recommend you. This way it is not a recommendation, it is a collaboration. Good examples include realtors, as we discuss.

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