How can Greg’s presentations benefit YOU?

For organizational leaders…Greg is an expert in the field of Technical Marketing. He is a dynamic speaker that engages his audiences, providing knowledge about the latest trends in Internet Marketing and Technical Presentations and how to apply these to their business.

For participants…In his workshops, Greg provides an energy-filled day with many opportunities for individuals to discuss specific topics related to their own initiatives. His workshops allow participants to become more productive and creative, creating a strong return on investment.

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Most Requested Presentation Themes

The Influencer Effect…This is Greg’s flagship presentation based on his best-selling book. Influencer marketing wasn’t even a thing a few years ago, but today, it is a leading marketing technique being used by brands of all sizes. Learn what it takes to be and influencer or work with influencers to produce incredible results..

Amazon’s Dirty Little Secrets…Learn how to use the power of others to market and sell for you. Do you like selling? Most of us don’t – selling is an activity that the majority of people prefer to avoid. In this entertaining and engaging presentation, Greg shows you how you can thrive using the same techniques that Amazon uses to make your business successful.

Creating Killer Presentations … Greg teaches his customers how to market their businesses online through seminars, webinars and live workshops and has given hundreds of workshops worldwide. As a result, he’s learned a few things about what makes for an effective presentation. What is often taught about PowerPoint presentations is not only ineffective, but wrong. In this popular presentation, you will learn how to overcome “Death by PowerPoint”.

Grow Your Online Sales… There is a huge misconception that the best way to get noticed online is to be number one on Google. This is like the “Field of Dreams” thought, “If you build it, they will come.” And of course, once you are on the first page of Google, you will get rich. This simply isn’t the case. You don’t get to be popular by being number one on Google – you get to be number one by being popular in the first place!

During this information-packed presentation, you will learn how to become “popular” on the Internet, without having a massive marketing budget.


Most Requested Workshop Topics:

YouTube Secrets…The number two search engine is an awesome way to grow your business. People would rather watch the Internet than read it.

Facebook Secrets…The giant of social media can be leveraged for business purposes.

Email Secrets…When is the best time to send an email? How often should you email? How do you build a list?

SEO Secrets…Just because you built it, doesn’t mean that they will come. Come learn exactly how to drive traffic to your site.

Imaging Secrets…What’s the difference between gif, jpg, png and pdf files? What resolution is best for the web? How do you optimize images?

Pinterest Secrets…Can Pinterest really drive sales to your website? How can you get maximum exposure for your pins?

Additional Topics…Getting Started with WordPress, Google Analytics, Affiliate Secrets, Wholesale or B2B Secrets.


Greg Jameson is the author of the Best-Selling books,  “The Influencer Effect” and “Amazon’s Dirty Little Secrets.” He is also a Colorado Small Business of the Year and Inc 500 Award Winning Entrepreneur. He has spoken to audiences around the world about software solutions.

Greg is a software expert, having developed three commercial software applications, all of which remain on the market today. His first product, a landscape design program that worked with AutoCAD, was sold through a dealer channel nationally and a distribution channel internationally in over 20 countries. Since the advent of the Internet, he has been designing and running hundreds of websites. He brings this experience to his presentations which are always engaging and entertaining.

Past Engagements / Audiences:

  • Ecommerce Summit, Las Vegas, NV
  • International Federation of Landscape Architects, Boston, MA
  • Master Nursery Garden Centers, Philadelphia, PA
  • Denver Design Center, Denver, CO
  • Creative Connections, Denver, CO
  • Toro Dealer Convention, Jackson Hole, WY
  • Autodesk International Asia-Pacific Tour
  • Cirad, Geneva, Switzerland
  • International Irrigation Society, Tel Aviv, Israel

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“Greg has a matter of fact approach to the complexity of technology that immediately relaxes and engages an audience. He uses simple terminology, a step by step approach to unraveling the mechanics of marketing on the tech side. If you get a chance to hire Greg for an event I highly recommend him, your audience will thank you.” – Doreen Cumberford

“This years’ Rocky Mountain Gift Show speaker, Greg Jameson, #1 best-selling author of Amazon’s Dirty Little Secrets spoke about Facebook Secrets. He was fantastic. In fact, he packed the house! We ran out of seats, mostly because of the Facebook marketing Greg did to our attendees before the Seminar. He brought energy and enthusiasm to our seminar series. He is one of the best professional speakers we’ve ever heard. We look forward to having him again!” – Kathy Tracy, Denver Mart

“I invited Greg to our group specifically to get folks excited about their journey from Toastmaster to Professional Speaker, and he did not disappoint. Using personal stories, full transparency, and providing a huge number of resources, he managed to educate and excite our group, from the most experienced to the visitors just getting their feet wet. If you’re looking for real information in combination with entertainment from your speaker, Greg is the Influencer for you.” – Rich Hopkins

Awesome presentation! If you did not attend, then you missed out. I learned mega-much. Go to Greg Jameson‘s next event to see his influence in action. I was amazed as to what we can and should do to market ourselves as speakers. I’m going back to his book to re-read.” – Deborah Frauenfelder

“The learning session with Greg Jameson was truly invaluable. Not only did I walk away inspired, I walked away with actionable advice I can implement today.”  —Sarah Verno

“Greg Jameson unselfishly shared so much detailed information on how to build a speaking business. He knows so many way to up the process with social media, website etc. he is a master. Thank you Greg.” – Linda Rhea

“Thank you for a great presentation yesterday. Greg presented information regarding using Facebook as a promotional tool that most of us had never heard. We were very impressed by Greg’s depth of knowledge and his ability to impart ideas as to how to better utilize Facebook.” – Linda Holloway, co-founder of Bessie’s Hope

“Greg is one of the most forward thinking, creative, organized, results oriented professionals I’ve had the pleasure to work with. He has the ability to put together comprehensive business, technology plans, pull the resources together and successfully execute. A real team leader and people person. An honest person you can trust your company with.” – Don Brown

“I know Greg Jameson – not as a casual acquaintance – but as a customer. He knows what he’s talking about in real-time, everyday web marketing and website creating experience. He “wrote the book” on it long before he put his knowledge and experience into print. His book is a timely and helpful resource for anyone wanting to grow their own online sales”. -Ron Ross

“”I have attended many of Greg Jameson presentations in my role as VP of operations for Master Nursery Garden Centers. Greg is a skillful and knowledgeable professional. He held a workshop that demonstrated to customers, employees and suppliers how use our website in a way to maximize efficiency and cut costs. In the evaluations by both our directors and our members, he received excellent reviews across the board. Greg more than exceeded our expectations and I am looking forward to having him speak at many more events.” – Jeff Lafferty

“I have been very impressed with Greg’s online training sessions. They have been very valuable for Coast of Maine Organic Products, Inc. “ – Cameron Bonsey

“The presentation was clear, concise, and to the point. It was very easy for me to understand, and I came away with good information to help me in the future. I would highly recommend Greg for training and speaking engagements in his area of expertise. “ – Les Swick

“You always have interesting information to relate. You know your business”. – Patty Wunsch

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