Is your company looking to build brand awareness and its corporate image or brand loyalty? A sponsorship can help improve customer and community relations as well as providing additional coverage. As an influencer, Greg Jameson is in front of thousands of clients through his appearances and websites every month. We are accepting a limited number of corporate sponsorships for Greg Jameson’s speaking and public appearances.

Sponsors typically fall into one of two categories:

Technology related products and services

Companies that provide laptops, projectors, recording devices, and other presentation equipment will have their products exposed during workshops, keynotes, seminars and other live presentations. As a speaker about trends affecting online sales and marketing, any company providing tools that improve manufacturing, distribution, and online sales are also good candidates including 3D printing, scanners, shipping companies, financial software and online stores / ecommerce companies.

Outdoor Recreation Products

Greg uses his website CyberbaseTradingPost.com as a service to those involved in the Boy Scouts to help scout leaders deliver better experiences to their units. It is also his “test bed” for many of the methods he uses to teach others about ecommerce. This website includes products reviews about equipment that outdoor enthusiasts find valuable. As such, companies that provide outdoor gear including skiing, biking, hiking, camping, and water sports are all good potential sponsor partners.

Sponsorship Levels

These sponsorship levels are available individually for both GregJameson.com and CyberbaseTradingPost.com. Benefits and privileges include:

Co-Branded Sponsor

Financial commitment: Product Donation

  • Give-aways at live events
  • Door Prizes
  • In-house use, exchange for reviews and endorsements

Bronze Sponsor

 Fifteen available

Bronze sponsors will have:

  • Your logo shown on a PowerPoint slide
  • Logo printed on all handouts at every one of Greg’s public appearances.
  • Event signage
  • Company logo and a link to your website will be displayed on the sponsors page
  • If provided, co-branded donations

Silver Sponsor

Five available

Silver sponsors will enjoy all the benefits of a bronze sponsor, plus:

  • Sponsored tweets and Facebook posts
  • Your logo printed on a T-shirt
  • A paragraph about your organization on the website
  • Mentions in our weekly newsletter
  • A blog post about your company or products

Gold Sponsor

Three available

Gold sponsors will enjoy all the benefits of silver sponsors, plus:

  • Paid spokesperson: your company will be highlighted during each presentation
  • All fees waived for one speaking appearance at your company event
  • Permanent ad on the website
  • A permanent page about your company on the website
  • Access to any event where Greg is speaking

Platinum sponsor

One Available

Platinum sponsors enjoy all the benefits of a gold sponsor, plus the following:

  • Inclusion in one of Greg’s upcoming books
  • Home page ad on the website. Ad can be changed monthly with a link to the sponsor’s website.
  • Additional ad on the blog page or certificate wizard page as appropriate.
  • All fees waived for two speaking appearances at your company events