Steve Favis

Steve has the most advanced patent in AI and robotics in the world. He is an AGI developer, or artificial general intelligence developer.

Stephen Favis, Co-Founder and CEO of Favis, INC , began his life-long connection with computer programming in 1984 when, at just six years of age, he learned his first programming language…Amiga BASIC. He did so primarily to help his blind father, a practicing psychiatrist, learn how to program as a hobby. As he read the programming books to his father and helped write those early programs, his love and interest in technology was kindled. His passion for technology was soon to become a raging fire, as he graduated to building and flying gas-powered remote-control airplanes, and by age 12, he had built his own personal computer.Stephen went on to study computer science and game development in college, and worked in the video game industry for 12 years, eventually forming his own company, Favis, Inc. He has won numerous industry-wide “hack-a-thons,” and recently received the prestigious 2018 Intel “Top Innovator Award” for the United States. He is the designer of b08, a social robot, and Septaer, an advanced AI display smart-speaker, and holds patents in advanced humanoid robotics, social robotics, and smart-speaker technology.

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