Tameka Anderson – Confidence & Influence

Tameka Anderson is the founder and CEO of Create It Kids Club and author of the no holds barred book, The Confident Leader.

Born in Chicago, Illinois, Tameka’s family structure was not only unconventional, it’s one that not many would survive. She was raised in Chicago’s turbulent foster care system. Anderson was determined that she would not allow her circumstances to affect her adult life, the life of her kids or the lives of children within her reach.

Holding her passion for strong family, people and children close, Anderson set out on a mission to develop multiple platforms focused on creating an effective household, business leaders, and well-rounded children. For adults, she hosts her signature Confident Leader series and bi-annual retreats for women’s empowerment. For children, she founded Create It Kids Club—a curriculum based leadership prep program for youth, K-8.

Connect with Tameka at:

  • http://www.parentingconfidentkids.com/
  • https://www.facebook.com/TamekaAndersonConfidenceCoach/

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