Tom Gledhill – Positioning a Small Business for Sale

Is your business saleable? Listen to this enlightening episode with Tom Gledhill to find out if your small business is your answer to retirement (or not).

Millions of small business owners will not have the retirement that they deserve or expect.
Their retirement nest egg is locked in their company and they won’t have access to it unless they can sell their company.
But the sad fact is that over 75% of small businesses that go to market don’t sell and the majority of the business owner’s net worth is in the company. Their alternative is often to shut down the business.
This not only hurts the business owner and family, but also the employees, the community, and the country.
Tom Gledhill has combined his decades of experience from building and selling his companies and helping many other business owners sell their companies, to develop the XITpro System to help business owners make their companies salable.
Tom is the author of the XITpro System and an on-line course of the same name.

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