Tom Ross – Increasing Customer Engagement


Tom Ross used to be a blogger getting hundreds of thousands of views every month. But he noticed that most of those viewers weren’t actually buying anything from him. So he shifted gears and started focusing on customer engagement instead of “vanity metrics” like viewers. This changed everything for him, and it is the core of what we discuss in today’s interview. Specifically we cover 4 very important components for building a successful business:

  1. Engagement (not traffic)
  2. Relationship with your customers
  3. Understanding your audience, and
  4. Passion for what you are offering.

I found his thoughts on passion to be brilliant – you need to recognize that you have something valuable to offer and not be afraid to charge for it. This has helped Tom grow his business, to over 400,000 designers who buy graphics, fonts, backgrounds and other design elements.  Tom has figured out how to be an entrepreneur and really wants to help others. He is not selling anything, but instead has offered to help anyone coming to him from this show for free! All you have to do is go to his Instagram account ( and send him a private message telling him that you came to him from this show, 20 Minutes of Influence (or just mention my name, Greg Jameson) and he’ll send you a personal video answering any question you have about growing an online business. Obviously, you will want to take him up on this generous offer!

Check out Tom’s website at and his YouTube channel at

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